This Life is Mine

Mehmet Emir and Hasret are in love. However Hasret’s father Yusuf doesn’t want them to get married. When he finds out about his daughter’s pregnancy he seperates them by telling Mehmet Emir that Hasret is dead. When Hasret gives birth, her baby is taken away from her. Yusuf gives the baby to his help İlyas to raise. Her name is Bahar, Ilyas has another baby named Efsun. Ilyas and his wife Nuran raise Efsun and Bahar as siblings. 25 years later, out of remorse, Yusuf decides to take Bahar to her father Mehmet Emir. Bahar who grew up in the slums is finally going to find out her true life. She’s the only heir to a fortune that she could only dream of. She will live in a mansion, travel and study in private schools. However destiny will get in the way and everything will go upside down. Not only Bahar’s but everyone’s life will change.