Erfan Mohamed ()

I am Erfan Wasta Muhammad. I was born in Sulaimania , 1968. My artistic career started in 1990 in the field of theater. Later on I worked for almost five year in Socialist TV in a program named (Zang). After that I had another TV participation in another program (Rangala) which was broadcasted in Gali Kurdistan TV. I also had participation in a television program under the name of (Barnamai Barnama) that was broadcasted in . In Khak TV. Besides, I also took part in several TV dramas in Kurdsat TV. Currently, I am one of the main actors in Bazmi Bazm TV show for a period of nearly six years in Kurdmax TV. My artistic activities started in 1990 and lasting until now in 2020. 
Bezmi Bezm is a comic show. Each episode of handles a designated topic or the immediate problems

of society, such as political, social and family subject matters and displays them in a comic form within

a specific framework. 

  • Stage DirectorYousif Osman
  • Supervised by Ahmed Raouf
  • TV DirectorMuhammad Jamil
  • LightingZahir Ibrahim
  • DécorShamal Sadullah