Govar Anwar Rasoul ()

My name is Govar Anwar Rasoul. I was born in Erbil 1979, in Kuran District.1993 is the start date of my artistic activities.My first play as an actor was “Doctor, I am Sick” that was shown in Gal Hall.I was the director too.
Other works:
“The Tyranny of Capitalism - Jabr u Stamy Sarmayadri”, a play written and directed by Govar Anwar.
“The Butterflies – Papulakan”, a play written and directed by Govar Anwar.
“The Displaced People- Awarakan” a play directed by Govar Anwar.
“ Fear- Trs” a play in Arabic language, directed by Hiwa Suad.
“Doctor Faustus” a play directed by Yousif Osman.
“Terror” a play directed by Hussien Missri.
" Confessional” a play directed by Kamaran Haji Aliyas.
“Crime and Punishment” a play directed by Nashat Hawleri.
“Two Brothers” a play directed by Farhad Sharif.
“The Chain” a play directed by Talaat Saman.
“ Rajab the Gatekeeper” a TV drama directed by Farhad Sharif.
“Qalandar” a TV drama directed by Hassib Qarachoxy.
“Bazmakani Shero” a TV drama.

Bezmi Bezm is a comic show. Each episode of handles a designated topic or the immediate problems

of society, such as political, social and family subject matters and displays them in a comic form within

a specific framework. 

  • Stage DirectorYousif Osman
  • Supervised by Ahmed Raouf
  • TV DirectorMuhammad Jamil
  • LightingZahir Ibrahim
  • DécorShamal Sadullah