Sozan Kamal ()

Suzan Kamal Ahmed Born in Sulaimaniah, Jan. 01-1988 Fixed jon: Media /Informational Experience / 17 years Career: My start point was with NGOs, I worked as Assistant Deputy Secretary of the organization.Media Career : I worked in many media fields such as newspapers, radios and TVs through which I presented many and varied programs included: ( Estay Jamawar,Rozhana ,Babaty Rozh ,Ema La Chaviland ,Diary Ramazan ,Shawani Ramazan ,Gashty Bahar ,Koshki Net ,Baxti To )Rather than a presenter, I have also prepared many grograms and worked as a reporter in many other programs too.

Baxti To will be the name of a live TV program, be aired twice per week (Every Sunday and Wednesday) at Kurdmax TV screen.

In this program there will be 24 boxes, each of them comprises a prize in it? Participants through live calls contact the program and examine their chances by picking one of the twenty four boxes which has a number written on it.

  • PresenterSozan Kamal
  • ProductionZaher Ibrahim
  • DirectorBedar Merza
  • Exe.ManagerHardi Anwar&Mohammed Salah