After an accident during their university days, Liang Sheng got badly injured and disappears for many years. With the accompaniment of Cheng Tianyou (Wallace Chung), Jiang Sheng searches high and low for Liang Sheng. Tianyou falls in love with the seemingly normal but extraordinary Jiang Sheng. His devotion pays off, they fall in love and ready to start a family together. However, the reappearance of Liang Sheng complicates things as he was revealed to be Cheng Tianyou’s cousin. Led to believe Liang Sheng has terminal illness, Jiang sacrifices her relationship with Cheng Tianyou in order to take care of Liang Sheng. As Liang Sheng starts to recover, he finally confesses his love to Jiang Sheng and rejected by her. After many trials and tribulations Jiang Sheng finally realizes the true meaning of life and love, and decides to bravely pursue her heart. Jiang Sheng goes to France and after many hardships, the lovers finally harvested their faith in love
  • ProductionShanghai Mitao Pictures
  • ProducerMa Zhongjun
  • Directed byLiu Junjie
  • ComposerLin Hai