Mohamed Najat ()

My name is Mohammad Najat Hamadin. I was born in Kuran neighborhood in Erbil/Hawler, March-01-1984. In 2003 I acceded to Hawler Fine Arts Institute / Drama Department. After graduation from that institute I joined Drama Department at College of Fine Arts in Erbil. Currently I am employee at Erbil Passport Administration. In February-16-2013 I got engaged with Mrs. Vidan in Turkey we got married and have three daughters ( Livin, Hira and Aysou). In 2001, during a visit to Sharafkhani Badlisy House/Center,there I met Dr. Farhad Pirbal. From that moment, a great inclination was passed in my innermost feelings towards art. Although I was a High School student, I left it to join the Institute of Fine Arts, and that was in 2003.
My Workd:-
-Proposal/Khwazbeni, a play in 2007
-The Teacher/Mamost, a play in 2004
-Waiting for Godot / La Chawrwany Godo, a play in 2006
-The Insane of this Era/Shetakani Am Rozhgara, a play in 2009
-The Chair/ Kursi, a street play in 2006
-China’s Wall /Shuray Chin, a play in 2013
-From 2014 until present, main actor in Bazi Bazm Program
-Sarkar & Hama is another program my colleague Sarkar and I publish it in social media.
Until now we published 74 series of it.
-The program handles and addresses community defects / negative aspects of society.
Last WordMaking others happy is the peak of happiness.

Bezmi Bezm is a comic show. Each episode of handles a designated topic or the immediate problems

of society, such as political, social and family subject matters and displays them in a comic form within

a specific framework. 

  • Stage DirectorYousif Osman
  • Supervised by Ahmed Raouf
  • TV DirectorMuhammad Jamil
  • LightingZahir Ibrahim
  • DécorShamal Sadullah