Samrand Dara ()

Samrand Dara was born in 1993. In 1994 her family was displaced and headed towards eastern of Kurdistan.In 2009 the family returned to Kurdistan Region and settled in Hawler root belongs back to Sargalu/Bngalu area in Sulaymaniyah Governorate. For a while worked as a tailor and female barber. In 2011 she got married. Her first artistic journey started in 2014 when for the first time she appeared as an actress in Bazmi Bazm in Kurmax TV. After that, her activities in the program were interrupted and she started working as a TV presenter in another channel. In 2017 separated from her husband after she had a daughter from him named (Leya). In 2018, as a comedian, was asked to return to the field of comedy in the Bazmi Bazm program. She accepted the call and she is working in the program until present.“ Bazmi Bazm program for me was a real school. My artistic experience sprang up through that program and in the amazing screen of Kurdmax TV.

Bezmi Bezm is a comic show. Each episode of handles a designated topic or the immediate problems

of society, such as political, social and family subject matters and displays them in a comic form within

a specific framework. 

  • Stage DirectorYousif Osman
  • Supervised by Ahmed Raouf
  • TV DirectorMuhammad Jamil
  • LightingZahir Ibrahim
  • DécorShamal Sadullah