The greatest passion of Kemal Bey of Trabzon, who is a very wealthy businessman, is his wife Serpil and their daughter Rüyam and Bircik. Mr. Kemal breaks the apocalypse when his little girl, Onecik, wears Nurhan, who looks clumsy or even stupid, on his arm and brings him home as "the man I'm going to marry." Mr. Kemal sakar begins to look for ways to get rid of Nurhan. His greatest helper on this path is sarp, the fiancée of his great-daughter Rüyam. Although Sarp seems to be a rich, cultured and worthy son-in-law of his great-daughter, he is actually about to sink. Sarp is the type who will translate all kinds of games to take charge of Mr. Kemal's companies. In the face of nurhan, the new groom-to-be, he makes his daughter-in-law in his hand to put himself first and earns the appreciation of his father-in-law Kemal Bey for his attitude. However, due to the good earners at the end of each road, Nurhan, the clumsy groom-to-be, prevails and is appreciated. Over time, the whole family, especially Mr. Kemal, loves Nurhan very much. However, Sarp and his sidekler make all kinds of plans with the house's butler, Sukru. Rich Girl Poor Boy; It's a modern Keloğlan story about the sultan's daughter.
  • DirectorHasan Tolga Pulat
  • ProducerBirol Guven
  • ScreenwriterBirol Guven
  • Production companyMint Prodüksiyon