Samira Khalid ()

Samira Khalid was born on 9.12.1992 in the east of Bana city, i have three children, i have two brothers, my father went to god's mercy at that time i was 15 years old I was a student of painting at the age of 18 and i started to become a theatre in the age of 19, i was an 8-year-old mecca artisan and now i have come to the world of media and media for two years Being on NETTV and SupreTV has been my experience of working in each of the programs and I have presented myself with the right letter and now I have been successful and beautiful in Kurdmax.

The program talks about different places in Kurdistan and highlights local products and the way they are produced. In general, the program is concerned with local seasonal products that are produced in summer or winter
  • PresenterSamira Khalid