Shanaz Zahir ()

Shanaz Zahir
Born in 1988 in Sulaimaniyah, South Kurdistan, he said his passion for art and song made him present his song to kurdish listeners in 2010.
 Selected as the best female of the year , 2021 was again selected as the best female artist . Shanaz's performances among listeners were warmly welcomed by dozens of viewers only on YouTube , willing to be proud and concerned about kurdish listeners and the lack of P The big Kurdish music and song program makes them with Kurdmax media network decide to prepare for Shanaz program with a big music orchestra and kurdish singers to present to Kurdish listeners and audiences. Shanaz owns more than 80 songs and 5 Album 30 video clips of his own during his 16 years of working in artistic life
Shanaz Program

Shanaz is the name of a singing art program named after the presenter who , Shanaz , is

This method of programming is common in most countries of the world and most of the forms are like this which is hosted by singers and in which many songs are special to themselves or from immortal artists and folk songs and they put it in the ears of music listeners and songs with other tastes

Shanaz Studio is modern and a unique and special studio has been prepared to make program guests feel more happy while performing their songs

Shanaz is the first work of the singer artist and in this program he hosts the artists as a presenter Each program will be a guest of two singers who will be guests of The Proud Studio

with many talented musicians who academically work on guest productions and record them with strong quality

Each program has a time of 100 minutes.

The aim of the program is to bring the artists closer to the audience and at the same time bring them closer to themselves with the musicians and presenters and appear in the media for their audience

  • PresenterShanaz Zahir
  • ProductionZahir Ibrahim
  • DirectorBedar Mirza